About German Classic Shoe

Safety shoe Manufacturer Brand shoes Started by utilizing the latest technologies safety shoes manufacturing, with years of safety shoes making the experience, innovation and producing high-quality safety shoes.The company slowly has grown to become a local leading supplier of industrial safety shoes and keeping upgraded safety shoes manufacturing facilities into a highly productive machine-oriented safety shoes manufacturing company.Frontier Safety Shoes were the rare safety shoes industrial footwear company only research and develop Nitrile Rubber Sole (NBR) “SOFT Trac Rubber” Comfort Technology which is the latest most acceptable by the current market.

In additional to the industrialized nation, our company saw a great opportunity in the area of safety shoe market.We have developed various specification safety shoes, for examples steel toe and non-metallic penetration resistance, composite toe safety shoes, ESD, whole white, ladies size safety shoes and military boots and others.

Quality is our utmost priority and automated machinery was keep on introduced to our company to meet the ever-increasing demand of the making safety shoes latest Technology. Our production facilities were constantly monitored and upgraded in order to maintain a high quality of our range of products. Our highly skilled workers were provided with the necessary training on a regular basis in order to keep themselves equipped with the latest safety shoes standards and technology.

Optical Features

  • Electrical resistant sole (ESD)UP TO 16 KV
  • Upper in water resistance
  • Fully cushioned molded socks
  • Steel nail proof mid plate
  • Antistatic in socks
  • Antistatic in sole
  • Fibre toe


  • Genuine leather upper
  • Non-skid posole
  • Water oil acid heat resistant
  • 200j impact resistance steel toecap
  • Designed for use in toughest condition
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